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Rob Chudzinski named Indianapolis Colts associate head coach

The San Francisco 49ers will not get Rob Chudzinski as offensive coordinator. According to the Colts, Chud will accept a new title and contract extension with the Indianapolis Colts.

Ron Schwane-USA TODAY Sports

Well, this certainly is something. The Indianapolis Colts are going to name Rob Chudzinski their associate head coach, as announced by the team. This title change comes with a contract extension. That officially takes him out of the running for San Francisco 49ers offensive coordinator. This is the second time they have been in the running for Chudzinski only to have it not work out.

For the 49ers, this would seemingly mean Geep Chryst officially becomes the heavy favorite to be promoted into the OC role. He served as quarterbacks coach under Jim Harbaugh through the length of Harbaugh's time in San Francisco.

This certainly does not guarantee Chryst will get the job, but considering the only other name even remotely connected to 49ers OC job is Mike Shanahan, I have to think Chryst is the guy. It is certainly possible Chryst would work out fine in the role, but it is hard to know what he will do at this point. Position coaches are hard to evaluate because we don't know the specifics of what they are doing, nor how much actual power they have on the given side of the ball on which they work.