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Kurt Warner discusses his work with Colin Kaepernick

Kurt Warner is working out with Colin Kaepernick down in Arizona. He spoke with a Bay Area columnist about what they are doing. It's some interesting stuff.

Ed Mulholland-USA TODAY Sports

Super Bowl media day took place on Tuesday, which meant NFL Network personalities were on hand. One such person was former NFL quarterback Kurt Warner. He was doing some interviewing, but San Jose Mercury News columnist Mark Purdy was able to get a minute with him to discuss his work with San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick.

Warner and QB coach Dennis Gile are working with Kap in Arizona for 11 weeks leading up to the 49ers offseason workout program. Kap is doing his usual physical work, but he is also getting all sorts of QB-specific work in with Warner and Gile. Purdy got some great insight from Warner about some of the things they are trying to work on this offseason. The entire column is worth a read, but I figured I would pull out a few notable comments.

It sounds like the majority of Kap's work will be with Gile, and he will get some sessions in each week with Warner. Based on previous reports, Kap will meet with Warner a few times each week to go over film, chart plays, and discuss various mental aspects of the game. Kap will then head out to the field on subsequent days to put that into action with Gile and others.

Warner told Purdy he and Gile are trying to teach Kap "what ‘normal' looks like for a quarterback." Warner talked about getting Kap balanced and "in a situation where your technique is so good, that it drives how you throw the football. So we're starting there."

Warner then went into more detail about his plans for the mental side of things.

"I've been very impressed so far with what he knows mentally. We've been on the board and we've talked about it. Been very pleased with where he is at. But you know, the whole thing is, you have to be able to decipher what 22 guys are doing, or at least 11 guys on the other side, in three seconds, know where to go with the football, know how to get there and technique-wise, be able to get it there. So we're going to push the envelope in all those areas and see how far we can get him."

We won't see the results of this until the preseason and regular season get here, although I'm sure we'll hear a little bit about it over the course of the offseason workout program. Either way, give the column a read.