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Golden Nuggets: Going according to plan

Wednesday, January 28th, 2015 edition of the Golden Nuggets, a daily compilation of San Francisco 49ers from the Internet

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Well this offseason keeps getting worse and worse. The latest "favorite" for the Niners offensive coordinator position is staying with his team. Rob Chudzinski is staying with the Colts, leaving the Niners to scramble for their next "favorite". This is looking like the team never had a plan after letting Jim Harbaugh go. This front office is becoming a joke. They had a good thing going on with Harbaugh leading the team, now they look like a mess with no direction. I almost feel bad for Jim Tomsula. He's in a no win situation.

The Niners have been linked with a few coordinators, but haven't hired anyone. Could offensive coordinators be hesitant to take the position because of the front office? They probably watched Tomsula's press conference and realized that Baalke is the actual head coach. They probably don't want anything to do with that situation. Who would? They saw how Harbaugh was treated and he was winning. That's not a situation that looks appealing.

The front office now needs to work quick to find an OC. This offseason has been terrible for the fans. It just shows us how bad this ownership is. Even when we have it good, the ownership takes it away without any reason. Most fans aren't looking forward to this upcoming season.

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