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Steve Logan to become 49ers quarterbacks coach

The San Francisco 49ers have reportedly hired Steve Logan to coach their quarterbacks. We break down what this might mean for the offensive coordinator search.

Doug Pensinger/Getty Images

The San Francisco 49ers apparently have a quarterbacks coach. The team has agreed to hire Steve Logan, according to a sports reporter at WRAL TV. Logan has worked with WRAL since 2012, and I would assume informed them he is out the door with this move. Logan last coached running backs for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in 2011. His resume breaks down as follows:

2012-2014: Football analyst, WRAL/99.9 THE FAN
2009-2011: Running backs, Tampa Bay Buccaneers
2007-2008: Offensive coordinator, Boston College
2006: Offensive coordinator/quarterbacks, Rhein Fire
2004-2005: Quarterbacks/wide receivers, Berlin Thunder
1992-2002: Head coach, East Carolina
1990-1991: Co-offensive coordinator/quarterbacks, East Carolina
1989: Running backs, East Carolina
1987-1988: Quarterbacks, Mississippi State
1985-1986: Running backs, Colorado
1984: Offensive coordinator/quarterbacks, Tulsa
1983: Quarterbacks/wide receivers, Tulsa
1981-1982: Head coach, Hutchinson Community College
1980: Tight ends, Oklahoma State
1975-1979: Assistant, Union High School

That still leaves the team with Geep Chryst as an offensive assistant without a particular job description. My guess at this point is that he ends up as the offensive coordinator, but it is hard to tell what the 49ers final direction will be with their OC. There have been reports they were interested in Rob Chudzinski, Bob Bicknell, Lane Kiffin, Mike Shanahan, and maybe Adam Gase or Kyle Shanahan. We don't know anything for certain, other than the various reports we have read. But at this point, nobody else has been connected to the job, and it would appear all those options are off the table.

Here is how the current news and rumors shake out throughout the coaching staff:

Head coach: Jim Tomsula (news - announced)
Offensive coordinator: Geep Chryst (Maybe?)
Quarterbacks coach: Steve Logan (news - awaiting team announcement)
Running backs coach: Tom Rathman (news - awaiting team announcement)
Offensive line coach: Chris Foerster (news - awaiting team announcement)
Assistant OL coach: Eric Wolford (news - awaiting team announcement)
Wide receivers coach: Ronald Curry (TBD)
Tight ends coach: Tony Sparano (news - awaiting team announcement)
Offensive assistant: Mick Lombardi (TBD)
Defensive coordinator: Eric Mangini (news - awaiting team announcement)
Defensive backs coach: No names
Linebackers coach: Jason Tarver (news - awaiting team announcement)
Defensive line coach: No names
Special teams coordinator: Thomas McGaughey (news)
Defensive assistant: Ejiro Evero (TBD)
Defensive assistant: Aubrayo Franklin (news - awaiting team announcement)