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What do you make of Steve Logan's comments about mobile quarterbacks?

The San Francisco 49ers new quarterbacks coach had some interesting comments about the importance of mobility in the position. We've transcribed it, so what do you make of it?

Scott Halleran/Getty Images

The San Francisco 49ers new quarterback coach, Steve Logan, has spent the last two years working in media down in North Carolina. Earlier today, Matt Barrows took some time to listen to a recent segment Logan did with WRAL. I would actually recommend listening to it (AUDIO) because Logan is quite the character. He's got the Southern drawl, he's a fast talker, and he gets pretty easily excited. The one downside to him being QB coach and not OC is that we won't get regular press conferences from him. I have a hunch they would be epic.

Barrows focused in on Logan's comments about the importance of mobility in quarterbacks. Head over to Barrows article linked above to read the transcript of the larger chunk. He talked about how the quarterback position essentially means the defense generally has an 11-on-10 advantage. He looked to mobility as a way to counter that. After his first chunk at the 28 minute mark, he later made a comment that quickly caught fire on the Interwebz. While talking about Andrew Luck, he had this to say:

But I'll still take the mobility at the sacrifice of accuracy. You can have the accuracy and lose the mobility, and now you've got Tom Brady. that's good. But guess what, Rex Ryan, the Baltimore Ravens, go look at Tom Brady's numbers against those two defenses, they fall dramatically. I still want a mobile quarterback.

What do you make of that? Is it a concern, or is it easy to misinterpret what he said there? Logan strikes me as a strong personality, but that is also just from listening to him talk on the radio for 40 minutes. I have no idea how he will be in the quarterbacks room, and while working with Geep Chryst and the other position coaches. Given that Chryst spent the last four years as quarterback coach, I am sure he has some ideas of what he wants from the quarterbacks. But how will that jive with Logan's strong belief in mobile quarterbacks?