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Geep Chryst: Job history by the numbers

The San Francisco 49ers new offensive coordinator, Geep Chryst, has a lengthy history in the NFL. We take a look at some numbers connected to his four jobs leading up to OC.

Al Messerschmidt/Getty Images

The San Francisco 49ers are expected to name Geep Chryst their next offensive coordinator, following Albert Breer's report last night. The team has not made any formal announcements about Jim Tomsula's staff, but sometime in the next week or two, they will likely make the formal announcements.

The team has brought in quite a few former coordinators and head coaches to handle certain position coach roles. Geep Chryst has extensive experience in taking over the OC role, but not on the same level as some of these position coaches. Chryst has been around the NFL since first serving as a quality control coach for the Chicago Bears in 1991. Over the past 14 years, he has handled primarily position coach responsibilities, along with two years as an offensive coordinator.

It is hard to make specific conclusions about most position coaches because we don't hear a lot about them. Obviously Jim Tomsula got a lot of ink as defensive line coach, but I would contend that is a bit more rare. That makes it a little hard to break down what kind of philosophy Chryst might bring in.

I decided to quickly pull out some numbers from his past jobs. An NFL offense is a total team effort, so saying he was specifically responsible for X as a position coach is not exactly a simple thing. For Chryst, we can look at some of the numbers from his time as OC and position coach to at least add some context. We're left waiting until September to start drawing real conclusions, but there is at least "something" out there.

Here is a rundown of his last few jobs. I put Chargers OC on top because that is the most comparable recent work. I used Football Outsiders stats, rather than basic counting stats. If you click on the link connected to OC, QB or TE, you'll get an explanation and the rankings.

For the non-49ers jobs, I included a quick explainer of pertinent transactions and performances for years before and after Chryst joined the teams. In his two years with the Chargers, things were pretty ugly, but he also was dealing with what I think qualifies as pretty bad talent. An OC should coach his guys up, but when we're talking end of career Jim Harbaugh, some mediocre running backs, and Ryan Leaf, I'm not sure how much you can expect to coach that up.

San Diego Chargers - 1999-2000

Offensive coordinator
2000: 29th, 27th passing, 30th rushing - Ryan Leaf, Jim Harbaugh split snaps, Terrrell Fletcher led team with 384 rushing yards, Jermaine Fazande second with 368
1999: 28th, 27th passing, 31st rushing - Jim Harbaugh starting QB, Jermaine Fazande led team with 365 rushing yards, Kenny Bynum second with 287, Natrone Means third with 277

1998: 30th, 30th passing, 17th rushing - Natrone Means last good year
2001: 17th, 11th passing, 23rd rushing - added Ladanian Tomlinson, Doug Flutie

San Francisco 49ers - 2011-2014

2014: Colin Kaepernick - 28th DYAR, 29th DVOA, 21st QBR
2013: Colin Kaepernick - 8th DYAR, 7th DVOA, 6th QBR
2012: Alex Smith - 15th DYAR, 9th DVOA, 7th QBR; Colin Kaepernick - 13th DYAR, 13th DVOA, 3rd QBR
2011: Alex Smith - 13th DYAR, 14th DVOA, 24th QBR

Carolina Panthers - 2006-2010

Tight ends
2010: Jeff King - 36th DYAR, 40th DVOA; Dante Rosario - 43rd DYAR, DVOA
2009: Jeff King - 24th DYAR, DVOA; Dante Rosario - 29th DYAR, DVOA
2008: Dante Rosario - 28th DYAR, 23rd DVOA; Jeff King - 30th DYAR, 40th DVOA
2007: Jeff King - 42nd DYAR, 39th DVOA
2006: Kris Mangum - 37th DYAR, DVOA; Michael Gaines - 38th DYAR, 40th DVOA

2011: Added Greg Olsen

Arizona Cardinals - 2001-2003

2003: Jeff Blake - 33rd DYAR, 32nd DVOA; Josh McCown - 46th DYAR, 44th DVOA
2002: Jake Plummer - 45th DYAR, 41st DVOA
2001: Jake Plummer - 7th DYAR, 10th DVOA

2000: Jake Plummer - 31st DYAR, 30th DVOA
2004: Josh McCown - 31st DYAR, 29th DVOA