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4th And 9 Podcast: Discussing the 49ers coaching hires

Tre is joined by Fooch, as well as Kyle Madson and SoCali Steph, all to talk about the 49ers coaching search and what appears to be its conclusion.

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The 49ers appear to have all but wrapped up their coaching hires for Jim Tomsula's staff. Many feel the results have been underwhelming, granted not a game has been played. Sure, there were names mentioned, leaked, etc. but many of them didn't pan out. This has fans in a bit of an uproar.

We're hear to discuss the perception vs. reality, delving into what may have really happened here, and where to go from here. I've asked a few cool people to join me on the show and give their unique perspective. So light your old mahogany pipe, put on your slippers, and settle in for an hour-long podcast.

You can find the podcast on Stitcher, iTunes, or use the player above.