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Do we need to worry about Colin Kaepernick's development?

How much will the hire of Steve Logan and Geep Chryst affect Kaepernick's development?

Casey Sapio-USA TODAY Sports

After the last couple of days, we've had a considerable amount of discussion about the recent offensive hires - most notably Geep Chryst as the new offensive coordinator and Steve Logan as the QB coach. Chryst is an internal hire; Logan is from the radio. Literally.

On his radio show, Logan recently had some comments about the importance of mobility for quarterbacks. The MUST SEE quotation is here:

But I'll still take the mobility at the sacrifice of accuracy. You can have the accuracy and lose the mobility, and now you've got Tom Brady. that's good. But guess what, Rex Ryan, the Baltimore Ravens, go look at Tom Brady's numbers against those two defenses, they fall dramatically. I still want a mobile quarterback.

For a larger context about Logan's views, see the audio that accompanies that quotation.

Ultimately, these hires raise an important question: how will these coaches affect Colin Kaepernick's development?

I think it's fair to be skeptical of Logan's experience. Additionally, it seems really bizarre to cite Kaepernick's lack of development as one reason why Jim Harbaugh was let go before hiring his old QB coach. So, we are confronted with the question about Kaepernick's development. Harbaugh had a reputation as a QB-whisperer. Do you think that Logan and Chryst can reproduce the same environment?

There's a lot of debate about what sort of development Kaepernick needs. I tend to think that the pocket presence and mental side of the game is what needs work. I understand, though, that some people would like for Kaepernick to utilize his mobility a bit more (Logan cites Matt Ryan as an example of mobility, by the way). While I think a balance can (and should) be struck, it's pretty clear to me that Kaepernick already has the mobility down. What he needs is a coach who can elevate his reads to the next level and show him how to master an offense.

This is the summer in which Kaepernick was supposed to take the leap forward in the pocket and in the film room. Kurt Warner had some recent comments about his development, and it sounds like there's been a good start to the offseason. Will Kaepernick be able to carry what he learns into the offseason? Will his coaches help Kaepernick take the next step that we want him to take?