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Fantasy football advice, FanDuel: Wild Card lineup tips and strategies

The regular season is over, but there is still more fantasy football to be played. Daily fantasy football continues Wild Card Weekend on FanDuel. Here are the guys who could make gamers very happy this weekend.

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Fooch's Note: Don't forget to join the SB Nation FanDuel league. It's $5 to enter, and the top 40 win prizes ranging from $12 to $100.

Cam Newton (Panthers) $8,300 - He's the fourth cheapest QB this week, but he may have the highest upside if the Cardinals can't keep the Panther offense off the field. The risk here is that he doesn't get enough rushing yards to supplement his passing numbers. Arizona has been eaten alive by rushing Qbs this season so I like Cam's chances to get 50+ rushing yards.

Jeremy Hill (Bengals) $7,400 - What can I say? I have a problem when it comes to Jeremy Hill and FanDuel, but he's paid off more often than not. I doubt the Bengals want to see a lot of Andrew Luck or Andy Dalton. So as long as this game is competitive both Hill and Bernard should get plenty of work, but Hill should have a role near the goal line.

Dan Heron (Colts) $5,400 - You can't beat that price on a starting pass catching running back. Unfortunately, he will be a popular player going against the Bengals defense.

Antonio Brown (Steelers) $9,200 - Without their top rusher, the Steelers are going to have to throw and the Ravens secondary has been incredibly suspect recently. He's a big buy, but it's hard to imagine a scenario where he doesn't produce.

Torrey Smith (Ravens) $7,100 - I normally hate relying on anyone attached to Joe Flacco, but with a little luck, Playoff Joe shows up and finds Torrey for a few deep balls.

Martavius Bryant (Steelers) $5,600 - There isn't a safe option under $6k at wide receiver, so I went with a guy who has a ton of upside. Hopefully, the Ravens defense continues to give up big plays and Bryant grabs a TD

Greg Olsen (Panthers) $6,400 - Arizona still can't cover the tight end and Olsen is a lethal red zone threat. All signs point towards a  good day for my Cam/Olsen stack.

Adam Vinatieri (Colts) $4,900 - Kicker in a dome. Can't beat em.

Carolina Panthers $5,300 - Ryan Lindley takes his show on the road for a playoff start against a Carolina defense that is now looking more familiar to last year's playoff unit.

Are you playing in a DFS (Daily Fantasy Sports) league this weekend? Who do you need a big game from?