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On top of team, coaching staff, 49ers also need to fix issues with Levi's Stadium

Levi's Stadium is impressive in a lot of ways, but ... sucky in a lot of others.

Ed Szczepanski-USA TODAY Sports

A lot of things need to improve for the San Francisco 49ers next season. Whoever takes over as head coach will have his hands full with whoever takes over as offensive coordinator to fix a severely under-performing offense. Said coach and coordinator may have to do this job without some key components from this year. Defensively, the 49ers desperately need to get healthy and not lose the core of its coaching staff.

But there's another aspect of the team that dramatically needs to change: the Levi's Stadium experience. From the team experience to the fan experience, Levi's Stadium fell far short of the mark this offseason. Focusing on the latter, I've heard from plenty of people that the experience is sub-par, a "C" grade at its very best.

The parking is a mess, the stadium isn't designed well enough to factor in the weather, fans are treated poorly by the staff and security, thanks to an incredibly strict code of conduct, not to mention the high price of admission. This is all reflected in this post from the San Jose Mercury News, which kept in touch with "several dozen season-ticket holders and other fans throughout the year" to see how the stadium experience was shaping up.

It simply wasn't good. I recommend reading that piece for a better idea of the issues.

On the field, the stadium had its problems too. The field itself was a mess. It was in such bad shape that the 49ers had to rip up the brand new turf -- which cost over $1 million -- after the first preseason game. They're on their fifth field at this point. It wasn't just bad, it was totally dangerous.

I'm not sure what the solution is for everything involved, but honestly it's something that's being somewhat overlooked. I'd like to make it out to some games next year, as a fan and not with media credentials, but there are far, far better ways to spend hundreds of dollars. Taking in a 49ers game, regardless of the on-the-field product, isn't worth the cost of admission and that needs to change.