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Anquan Boldin talks Jim Tomsula, Geep Chryst

San Francisco 49ers wide receiver Anquan Boldin had a chance to speak with media about the 49ers coaching staff. He did not have a lot to say, but here is what he said.

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San Francisco 49ers wide receiver Anquan Boldin is in Arizona this week, waiting to find out if he will win the Walter Payton Man of the Year Award. He is one of three finalists, and the award will be handed out Saturday evening during the NFL Honors show. The program runs 9-11pm ET/PT, so east coast will be watching it on tape delay.

Boldin is making the rounds of media, and two stops included SiriusXM NFL Radio (AUDIO) and CSN Bay Area (VIDEO). Mindi Bach from CSNBA spoke with him about his charity work, but also got in a quick question about Geep Chryst and what he brings to the table:

I've known Geep for a long time. He was actually my quarterbacks coach in Arizona my rookie year. He's a great football mind, and I think he can bring a spark to the offense.

Obviously not a lot to it, but in a quick Q&A, I would not have expected much more. He did add at least a little bit more about Jim Tomsula in his discussion with SiriusXM. He was asked about the drama this past season, and whether not it impacted their performance. That was followed by questions about Jim Tomsula, Colin Kaepernick and Jim Harbaugh:

We're professionals, and you get paid to deal with that stuff. You can't let it affect the way that you play on the field. And for us, that's what we try to do. Unfortunately, we didn't have the type of year that we would have wanted to have. But I don't think it was the controversy. We had a lot of injuries. I think we had 20-something guys on IR, when you look at it. So we just didn't perform the way that we were capable of.

On Jim Tomsula:

I've had the opportunity to know Coach Tomsula for the past two years. Everything I see from him, I like. He's very energetic, he knows the game of football, he's a great communicator. And so I'm looking forward to what he can bring to this team. I think we all are.

On Kap's difficult season:

I think for him, just go out and be himself. Sometimes people lose that. You hear different people saying you need to do this, or you should do this. Just be yourself, because I think as an offense, we're effective when he's Colin, when he's making plays with his legs, he's beating you with his arm. I mean just be yourself. You don't have to live up to anybody else's expectations. Just go out and have fun, and be yourself.

On Jim Harbaugh:

Honestly nothing in this league surprises me anymore. I've been in this league 12 years, and I've seen a lot of different things. But, as far as me, I was a Harbaugh guy. I liked what he brought to the table, I thought he was a great coach. But those are decisions that are way over my head. I don't make those decisions, I just play for whoever the head guy is.

On Harbaugh style wearing players down:

Honestly, I can't attest to that. I just know what he brought on the field, and he was a guy that I liked playing for.

Boldin is not a guy I expect to hear much from when it comes to these kinds of things. Like I mentioned with Justin Smith, he's a guy who does his job and does not concern himself with the drama. He is sort of an "it is what it is" kind of guy. It's fairly simple.

Boldin will be entering his third season with the 49ers. The wide receiver corps is in a bit of flux with Michael Crabtree and Brandon Lloyd entering free agency. However, with Anquan Boldin back, and probably Stevie Johnson as well (pending any potential restructuring of his contract), there is at least a solid base to build on. They have Quinton Patton and Bruce Ellington looking to break through, and then there is obviously a good chance they invest in a wide receiver fairly early in the draft.