Lil' Bit of "Local Insight" on Steve Logan

Hi Nation - I live in NC where Steve Logan coached the ECU Pirates and has become a bit of a media personality most recently. I wanted to share some inputs I've gotten from local Football fans familiar with him.

This area of NC ("The Triangle") is big-time into College sports with UNC, NC State, Duke and ECU all within an hours drive of center. So I talk ball with a lot of folks.

Everyone knows I'm a Niners fan, whether it's the Vanity Tag on my car, the clothes I frequently wear or just talking. So naturally I've heard a lot of comments. Some have been what you might expect. "What's going on with your team? They actually let Harbaugh walk? Good for MI, not good for the Niners." Etcetera.

But I've also been approached by (what has to me been) a surprising number of people being very complimentary of our landing Steve Logan. At first I thought people where being sarcastic. But as it's turned out, not at all. Evidently, he's very (VERY) highly regarded as both a coach of the game and a football mind. He's been described as a great leader, innovative mind, and even a "Football Genius."

Maybe I'm just grasping at anything positive these days, but I must admit I've heard a lot more than I expected.

Wanted to share this, in case any of you are also in the grasping for positive mindset.


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