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The Girl Scouts weigh in on Deflategate

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I get all sorts of random PR pitches each day, and when something noteworthy has happened, brands and "experts" pitch something or other related to it. That has been the case the past couple weeks due to deflategate, with everybody having something to say about it.

I think we can safely say that if it had not already jumped the shark, today it did so. I got an email from the Girl Scouts Saturday morning with the above video. This is the second video of this nature involving Thin Mints. Back during last year's World Cupthey did something about Luis Suarez and his biting habit. It's really cheesy, but still made me laugh a little bit.

Normally I am not one to share many "brand" type pitches, but this one cracked me up. If you make me laugh, there is a good chance I will share what you have pitched. It's really quite simple!