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NFL mock draft 2015: Wide receiver remains the 49ers choice for Mocking the Draft

We have a new NFL mock draft from SB Nation, with the 49ers once again selecting a wide receiver. How would you rank the wide receivers at this point?

Christian Petersen/Getty Images

The first round of the 2015 NFL playoffs is officially a wrap, which means the NFL Draft order is a little closer to complete. The four losses on Saturday and Sunday determined No. 21 through No. 24 in the draft order. And with that, we have a new NFL mock draft from Mocking the Draft. I posted our first mock draft database on Sunday, but we will continue to update that as the weeks progress.

This latest mock draft has the San Francisco 49ers selecting Arizona State wide receiver Jaelen Strong. They provide this accompanying description:

This pick changes from White to Strong, and there's not a lot of drop off in quality. Like White, Strong projects as a lead receiver and is an excellent deep ball threat.

In last week's mock draft, the 49ers were selecting West Virginia wide receiver Kevin White. This week, White is going No. 12 to the Cleveland Browns, which results in Strong climbing from No. 19 to No. 15. There are five wide receivers going in the first round of this mock draft. They include DeVante Parker (No. 4 - Raiders), Amari Cooper (No. 11 - Vikings), Kevin White (No. 12 - Browns), Strong, Devin Funchess (No. 30 - Patriots).

We will have some wide receiver rankings in the next week or so, but in the meantime, how do you view the top of the wide receiver class? Mocking the Draft last updated their wide receiver rankings in late November. They broke down the top of the class as follows:

1. Amari Cooper
2. Kevin White
3. DeVante Parker
4. Jaelen Strong
5. Devin Funchess