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Mike Shanahan spotted at Chevy's in San Francisco over the weekend

San Francisco 49ers HC candidate Mike Shanahan was spotted at a San Francisco Chevys over the weekend. What could it mean?!?!

It would seem we have officially reached the restaurant spotting stage of the 49ers coaching search. A photo is now floating around featuring Mike Shanahan reportedly at a San Francisco Chevy's restaurant this past weekend. Matt Maiocco tweeted that Shanahan interviewed on January 1. I can't find the tweet now, but someone tweeted at me mentioning the Chevy's, and then said Shanahan was there with his attorney. I'm not entirely sure how he knew it was Shanahan's attorney, but I suppose that is part of the fun of this whole process (or the madness of it).

We have heard some speculation that Shanahan might be a front-runner. The 49ers are a week into a search they initially said could last around 7-10 days. I would not be surprised if this wrapped up by the end of the week, but if they end up deciding on someone other than Vic Fangio, Jim Tomsula or Mike Shanahan, it very well could drag on further.

The most important question to take out of this is whether or not we want a man coaching the 49ers who dines at Chevys when in San Francisco. I have eaten at Chevys, but when in San Francisco, I generally prefer to find you know, actual Mexican food. I suppose it would have been a bigger surprise if he had ventured down into the Mission for his Mexican food, but that would have been a strong mark in his favor in my mind.