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Scot McCloughan hired to be Washington GM [UPDATE]

Former NFL personnel man Scot McCloughan is in the news with a couple teams interested in his services. We take a look at where the former 49ers GM is at in life.

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

Fooch's Update: McCloughan is reportedly taking over as the Washington GM.

Former San Francisco 49ers general manager, and Seattle Seahawks senior personnel executive Scot McCloughan is back on the NFL radar. Ian Rapoport is reporting Washington has reached out to him for a top executive position. McCloughan has gotten a ton of credit for his work building the 49ers and Seahawks

Rapoport also said the Oakland Raiders reached out, but it appears that is ending before it really begins. According to Mike Silver, Raiders owner Mark Davis reportedly asked McCloughan to join the team working under general manager Reggie McKenzie. McCloughan reportedly declined, as he wants to run a football department.

This all comes only a month after an extensive feature in ESPN shined a light on what McCloughan has been up to since leaving the Seattle Seahawks. McCloughan is living at a farmhouse north of Seattle. He runs his own scouting business that provides player evaluations to teams. The most interesting aspect of the article covers his issues with alcohol. He says he is not an alcoholic because he can have a beer and be finished. It is certainly possible that is the case, but that sounds very much like a person who could relapse if back in similar situations that resulted in drinking problems previously.

I do wish Scot McCloughan the best wherever he ends up, but after reading that feature, it is hard to not be at least a little skeptical that his next stop won't end like it did with the 49ers and Seahawks. He has not accepted any jobs, and it sounds like he has not even interviewed yet. We'll see what the coming weeks bring.