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Joe Montana joins Peyton Manning in Papa John's commercial

I am not entirely sure what spurred this, but Joe Montana is officially making the rounds in commercials. Last week, we came across an amazing AT&T college football playoff commercial featuring Montana absolutely dropping the mic on Bo Jackson, Doug Flutie and Herschel Walker. If you have not seen it, you need to go back and check it out. There is also a follow-up to that featuring Joe's drawing of a leprechaun. Not quite as funny, but still pretty good.

Today, I came across a new commercial. Peyton Manning is famous for his on-field exploits, but some would argue he is becoming just as famous for his commercials. I don't blame him for wanting to cash in while he can, and the number of products he pitches is impressive. One of his more famous recently has been his endorsement of Papa John's Pizza. He owns some franchises in Colorado, and does numerous commercials with the founder.

Well, now Joe Montana is joining in. They put together a playoff commercial featuring Montana, Manning, and the founder of the pizza chain. You can view it above, but it is kind of amusing. Not nearly as funny as the AT&T commercial, but funny enough. Manning makes a crack about Montana only showing up during the playoffs, and that Joe is always on the lookout for free pizza.

Over/under on number of Super Bowl commercials featuring Joe Montana?