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49ers coaching search: Odds for notable candidates

As one would expect, there are opportunities to wager on the 49ers next head coach. Here are some of the latest odds.

Rob Carr/Getty Images

The San Francisco 49ers search for a new head coach is into its second week, and the list of candidates continues to grow. Although we would never, ever condone gambling, it is worth noting you can wager on who you think will be the next head coach.

Several websites have come up with odds, but the most recently updated belong to At that site, you can bet on eight different candidates for the job. I am surprised there is not a field option, but in the meantime, here are the options with their current odds.

Mike Shanahan: +113
Adam Gase: +263
Jim Tomsula: +263
Vic Fangio: +349
Dan Quinn: +427
Josh McDaniels: +427
Jim Mora, Jr.: +482
Todd Bowles: +596

+113 for Mike Shanahan means if you bet $100 that he gets the job and he does in fact get that job, you will win $113.

The heaviest favorite in any of these coaching odds is Rex Ryan at -105 to get the Atlanta Falcons job. That means, you have to bet $105 to win $100. Dan Quinn is +100 to get the New York Jets job, and Todd Bowles is +150 for the Chicago Bears job. Gase's best odds are with the 49ers, while McDaniels's best odds are with the Falcons at +250.

At this point, I think a wager on Vic Fangio is your best financial wager, if you were so inclined. Mike Shanahan at +113 is just not worth the limited payout. Fangio is not a lock by any stretch, but he is an intriguing bet. Speaking of which, Matt Maiocco had this interesting tweet:

We don't know for certain that Donatell would be Fangio's defensive coordinator, just like we don't know if Fangio will even get the head coach job. This could all be a swerve that eventually results in Jim Tomsula getting the job, or maybe Mike Shanahan really is the favorite. Or just maybe there is a mystery option that will shock us all. Who knows at this point, but that is certainly one reason I can talk myself out of a Fangio wager.