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Jameis Winston declares for NFL Draft, Dorial Green-Beckham to make it official soon

Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

The deadline for players to declare for the 2015 NFL Draft is January 15, and we have two big names joining the mix. Florida State quarterback Jameis Winston has officially declared for the draft, and wide receiver Dorial Green-Beckham has told Oklahoma coach Bob Stoops he will do so as well.

The San Francisco 49ers will not be drafting Jameis Winston, but I figured he is worth a mention because this will likely impact the 14 picks before the 49ers. Winston and Oregon quarterback Marcus Mariota will be the conversation that will drive a lot of draft discussion. Anonymous scout season is already underway with Mariota, and it is only going to get crazier with Winston. We are going to be absolutely crushed with speculation and anonymous stuff nonstop for the next four months. But hey, as 49ers fans we're used to it!

Earlier this week, Oklahoma coach Bob Stoops said wide receiver Dorial Green-Beckham indicated he was going to turn pro. This followed speculation previously about the situation. He is reportedly headed to Arizona to work out and get ready for the draft. Mel Kiper ranked him as his No. 5 wide receiver back in mid-December, and Scouts Inc. ranks him No. 10.

Scouts Inc gives him top marks for height/weight/speed and big play ability. They give him a notch below that separation skills, ball skills, and competitiveness. Of course, what brings him down from the top of the pack is the off-field stuff. He transferred to Oklahoma this past year, and had to spend the 2014 season on the scout team due to NCAA transfer rules. Here is what the Scouts Inc intangibles section says:

Was suspended for a game as a freshman (2012) after being one of five players arrested and charged with marijuana possession. Was arrested in January, 2014 on marijuana possession charge that was later dismissed after another passenger in vehicle took ownership of the marijuana. In April of 2014, allegedly forced his way into an apartment and pushed a female 'down at least four stairs.' He was not arrested and is not facing charges from the incident, but was dismissed from Missouri football days later. In July of 2014, he decided to transfer to Oklahoma.

In the April 2014 incident, the alleged victim declined prosecution. You can read a rundown of the event and chunks of the police report HERE.

According to, DGB is in talks with the NFL about the league's personal conduct policy, and how it would impact him coming into the league. He was not arrested for pushing the female down the stairs, but the NFL's policy change could still view that as a first strike against him. I would think they would not actually do that, but it has officially become impossible to tell what the NFL will do in a given situation.

The article suggested half the league would take DGB off their draft board, while the other half would be willing to consider the upside in assessing him as an option. The 49ers have a serious need for a big playmaker, but are they willing to roll the dice on a guy like DGB? There were reports the team talked with the Browns about Josh Gordon, they backed Ray McDonald after his first arrest, and they continue to back Aldon Smith.

Where would DGB fit in on their spectrum?