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Colin Kaepernick's work with Kurt Warner could include a side of Steve Young, Trent Dilfer

San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick has a busy few months planned, as he will work with Kurt Warner in Arizona. It now sounds like Steve Young and Trent Dilfer might get down there for at least a little bit of time.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Tuesday evening, Matt Barrows reported that Colin Kaepernick would be heading to Arizona to work out with former NFL quarterback Kurt Warner, and a quarterback coach. The plan is for Kap to head down to Arizona next week, and work there until the San Francisco 49ers begin their offseason workout program in April. Since the 49ers will have a new coach, they will be allowed to start their program in early April, instead of later in the month.

Naturally this got everybody excited, but there might be even more interesting news. As some have noticed, Matt Maiocco provided an update on the program. He said that Steve Young and Trent Dilfer are likely to drop by during the course of Kap's program. The quarterback coach, Dennis Gile, suggested that Warner, Young and Dilfer will all be around during Super Bowl week.

The Super Bowl takes place in Arizona this year, and Dilfer and Young will be down there as part of ESPN's coverage. It makes sense then that they would drop by the workout facility. There is no clarification if they will join in the program at any other point during the offseason. Given that both quarterbacks have had plenty to say about Colin Kaepernick, and suggestions about where he can improve, maybe that is enough to draw them in for more than just a few days around the Super Bowl.

In the meantime, Chris Biderman has a solid article looking at some ways Warner can help Kap improve. He discusses things like pocket presence, manipulating the defense, and accuracy. People complain about these things with regard to him, but Warner would be a guy who can help him in this regard. Warner was not a mobile quarterback, so there is something to be said for Kap working with him on these areas that are less about his legs. It should make for a fascinating development heading into training camp and the 2015 season.