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Better Rivals podcast: Background on Colin Kaepernick's offseason QB coach

In this week’s Better Rivals podcast, Oscar and Richard discuss a few updates to the coaching search, Kaepernick’s new QB coach, and predictions for next week’s playoff games.

Ed Szczepanski-USA TODAY Sports

On the first episode of 2015 we walk through recent updates on the coaching search and discuss the two candidates that might have separated themselves from other candidates. Our focus turns to Carmen Policy’s thoughts on the Harbaugh firing and then to the steps Colin Kaepernick is taking to improve his game through the ancillary QB coaching market. Who is Dennis Gile and who has he worked with before? What is TDFB and what does Trent Dilfer have to do with the 10,000 hours of prep theory? That, plus Richard fills in during Crunch time for David on a shortened, offseason, episode of the Better Rivals Podcast.

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Head Coaching Search Update: 2:57
Carmen Policy on Jim Harbaugh's departure: 10:53
Dennis Giles, Kap's new QB coach: 15:24
Wild Card Recap: 27:42
Divisional Predictions: 34:38