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Mike Shanahan odds as 49ers head coach candidate drop to even money

Sportsbooks are taking wagers on the various head coach openings around the NFL. Vic Fangio is getting a lot of action, but could sharp money tell us something about Mike Shanahan?

Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

The world of gambling is something some people will try and avoid, but sometimes it can provide some intriguing insight into topics. In the world of sports, a gambling line does not tell us everything we need to know, but the way money is moving can be valuable. There is public money and sharp money, with sharps meaning professionals and those a little more in the know. has been posting odds the last week and a half concerning the various head coach openings in the NFL. On Tuesday, we posted about Mike Shanahan being the favorite to land the job, sitting at +113 on the moneyline. I received an email on Wednesday indicating the line has dropped down to +100, which pays out even money.

According to, more than 40 percent of the action has come in on Vic Fangio, who is listed at +349. I mentioned yesterday that Fangio was probably the best wager in terms of payout combined with likelihood of getting the job. His odds remain the same after the latest calculation, which would seem to mean the smaller percentage of bets on Shanahan are coming from sharps. This does not necessarily mean they have some kind of inside information, but it is at least a little bit interesting to consider.

Here are the current odds:

Mike Shanahan: +100
Adam Gase: +263
Jim Tomsula: +263
Vic Fangio: +349
Dan Quinn: +427
Josh McDaniels: +427
Jim Mora, Jr.: +482
Todd Bowles: +596