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Could Rex Ryan be moving up the radar?

Rex Ryan is one of the bigger name candidates for the 49ers head coaching job, and he might be moving up the radar. There are a couple reports that bode well for Ryan.

Christian Petersen/Getty Images

The San Francisco 49ers interviewed Rex Ryan this past Sunday, and some reports are indicating he might be developing into a more serious candidate for the job. It is all anonymous sourcing at this point, which is par for the course, but with nothing out there before this, it adds a little something extra to chew on.

I still think there is a decent chance Rex ends up at ESPN in 2015, but for now he would seem to at least still be in the mix for the 49ers job. There have been some questions about Ryan's big personality, particularly given Jim Harbaugh's big personality.

Our Jets blog provided us with some thoughts on Ryan's personality. While Rex Ryan was basically a walking headline with the Jets, his personality seemed sufficiently different from Jim Harbaugh that I think it could work in the 49ers power structure. Rex is a big talker, but he seems to generally be able to work with management. That could potentially be the right balance of adherence to management's wishes, while still having some semblance of a personality.

The 49ers have at least a couple more interviews to go with Teryl Austin and Todd Bowles interviewing the next couple days. My guess is there is an announcement by early next week.