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Kurt Warner discusses Colin Kaepernick and plans for workouts

Colin Kaepernick and Kurt Warner will work together the next couple months in Arizona. Warner was on the radio recently, and discussed some of what he has in mind.

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Former NFL quarterback Kurt Warner was on CBS Sports Radio this morning, pitching a Super Bowl promotion on the Tiki & Tierney show. Naturally, he was asked about his plans for working with San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick starting next week in Arizona. Warner did not provide a ton of details, but he did go into some of the things he wanted to help Kap with over the next 11 weeks.

Warner will not be working with Kap every single day, but it appears they will be able to get in some significant work. Matt Barrows reported:

He'll meet with Kaepernick a few times a week, starting next week, to meticulously go over film, chart plays on a white board and discuss the mental aspects of the game. The next day, Kaepernick will head out to the practice field to apply what he's learned.

He also said Kap would work on his "platform", which is the way he stands in the pocket. Barrows said it "should help him slide forward, backward and to the side away from pressure while still keeping his eyes downfield. Biomechanics experts will help him tighten his delivery and clean up his footwork."

Here is what Warner had to say in his radio interview. You can listen to the audio HERE.

Colin Kaepernick. How you going to go about fixing him, and how did this all come about?

Well, first of all, I don't like the word fix. We're just going to try and grow him as a quarterback. An extremely talented young kid. A kid that I think was thrown in as a lot of young quarterbacks are, before he knew how to play the entirety of the quarterback position. And he's gotten by on athleticism, and he's made some great plays and had some great games, but I think the goal is in the time that I'm going to have with him, just to see where he's at, what he knows about the position, and then how far we can push the envelope as far as helping him develop as a pocket passer. I'm just a firm believer that regardless of how talented you are physically, you have to be able to make the easy plays at the quarterback position to be successful. You have to know what you're seeing. You know, when a defense gives you an easy read, you have to be able to make that read and make that throw 90 percent of the time because you don't get that all the time. And it's hard enough to play position. It's really gonna be about seeing where he's at as a quarterback, and seeing how far we can push it to teach him how you play the game with your mind, as opposed to your arm and your legs.

How do Cardinals fans feel about making a division rival QB better?

I tell ya, you hear people's comments, "How can you do something like this?" I love the Cardinals, I love the Rams, but I also love all these young guys and I want to see them succeed. It's like somebody telling me, I coached youth football for my son, and it's like somebody saying, well this kid wants to be on your team that's not going to go to your son's high school, will you coach him? And it'd be like, "Nah, I can't coach that kid. He's not going to be playing with my son one day. The bottom line is how can we help guys, how can we use our expertise to help guys. The thing is, I put the offer out there to a lot of young guys, and Colin's the first one that really reached out and said, ‘Hey, if you have a little bit of time for me, I'd love to work together.' So, people can say what they want, I'm more about helping that young man become all that he can be. Do I want the Cardinals win games? Of course I do. Do I want the Rams to win? Yea. But I want all these guys to be able to push that envelope, and if I can help in any way, I'm happy to do it.

On his value with wide receivers:

Well, you know, I hope so. One of the things was I was fortunate to be around some good coaches that didn't just teach me the quarterback position, but taught me how everything ties together. The timing of the quarterback's footwork, how that has to be tied into the distance and the timing of a receiver's route. And the technique of a receiver, how that benefits a quarterback, because so much of the game is about leverage. It's about being in the right position to win on a particular play. And so yea, I think it all goes hand-in-hand, and so my hope with this group that Colin's gonna be working with is that they get some of these young receivers out there too. And we can all work together, we can all grow together as a unit on how I as a receiver can make a quarterback better, and how as a quarterback can make a receiver better, and how the two fit together to make a perfect play, or to make it easier on each other.