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Kyle Shanahan departs Cleveland Browns, could be Vic Fangio first choice as OC

Kyle Shanahan is now available for any role, as he and the Cleveland Browns have parted ways. That combined with a report Vic Fangio would like him as an OC opens the door for some speculation.

Ken Blaze-USA TODAY Sports

The Cleveland Browns and Kyle Shanahan have agreed to part ways, and this could potentially speed up the head coaching hiring process around the NFL. Shanahan is interviewing for head coach positions, but there are rumors he is a favorite to be an offensive coordinator for some teams. Eric Branch is reporting if Vic Fangio is promoted by 49ers, he would like Shanahan as his offensive coordinator.

Teams have been making announcements for various personnel hirings, but nobody has pulled the trigger on a new head coach. It feels like once one coach is hired, the other dominoes will start to fall. Most of the candidates are interviewing with multiple teams, so as we remove teams, it makes it easier to start narrowing down lists. Part of the hiring process involves figuring out who will be available for a coaching staff, so getting Shanahan out from Cleveland makes a potential lateral move a much easier process.

Of course, Shanahan is far from a lock to take an OC position in San Francisco. Well, at least as far as we know. Initially we heard he and his dad were potentially packaging together for a new team. Since then, Ed Werder has reported the younger Shanahan would prefer to continue out on his own and make his own way. The St. Louis Rams offensive coordinator job is now open with Brian Schottenheimer heading to Georgia. Fisher is very good friends with Mike Shanahan, so that is something to keep in mind.

The 49ers have interviews scheduled with Teryl Austin on Thursday, and Todd Bowles on Friday. Once those interviews are complete, the 49ers could be in position to make a formal hiring by sometime next week. They could decide over the weekend, but I'd imagine there might be a follow-up phone discussion, or something along those lines. There were reports the Vic Fangio interview lasted six hours, so it is entirely possible they got enough out of each candidate to make their decision without additional rounds of interviews.

One thing that is interesting is that it does not appear Jim Tomsula has interviewed to date. It is possible as a reported favorite heading in, the team decided to wait until the end. Or it is possible he was not a favorite and the reports were bunk. Who knows, but we might find out sooner rather than later.