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What do we make of no Jim Tomsula news among 49ers head coach candidates?

49ers DL coach Jim Tomsula was reportedly a favorite heading into the team's search for a new head coach. Since the search started, however, he has dropped off the radar. Any idea why?

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The San Francisco 49ers have been rolling through their interview process, bringing in a variety of candidates. They've gone young (Dan Quinn, Adam Gase, Josh McDaniels) and old (Mike Shanahan), and they have also mixed in internal with Vic Fangio. One name that has not been mentioned much at all since the search began is that of defensive line coach Jim Tomsula.

Entering the search, the common refrain in the media was that Tomsula was the favorite. He was not described as a lock, but he was the most frequently mentioned name coming out of the gates. That quickly changed as the candidate list leaked out. However, it has started to get a little odd. It would make sense that names would come out to compete for the job, but over the last week, Tomsula has seemingly dropped off the radar.

I initially was thinking the 49ers were just going through their other candidates, and then Tomsula would speak to them last. However, given that Vic Fangio was the first interview, it does not make quite as much sense. There may be nothing to any of this, but with Tomsula off the radar, it is just an all-around odd situation. Of course, this whole situation has been odd, so I suppose one more oddity should not be entirely shocking.

What do you make of it?