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Jeff Garcia disagrees with Kaepernick's choice to train with Kurt Warner

Former 49ers quarterback Jeff Garcia disagreed with Colin Kaepernick's choice to train with Kurt Warner. We look at the very public nature of Garcia and the reason Kaepernick may have chosen Warner's approach.

Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

Former San Francisco 49ers quarterback Jeff Garcia disagreed with Colin Kaepernick's choice to train with four-time Pro Bowler Kurt Warner this offseason. Garcia tweeted out an article from the Santa Rosa Press Democrat entitled "Kaepernick's coach choice couldn't be more wrong for job." He added, "I didn't say it but I thought it" and later deleted the tweet, subsequently posting only the article.

Garcia publicly volunteered to mentor Kaepernick. Apparently, Garcia agreed with the sentiments in the Santa Rosa Press Democrat - the foremost reasons being he is "a coach" and "a former 49er."

Perhaps Garcia's very public attempts to recruit and his public commentary is what put off the reticent quarterback. Needless to say, while Garcia played for the 49ers from 1999-2003 and identified himself as a mobile quarterback, Kaepernick is obviously looking to expand his abilities. Plus, Warner had a different approach.

"I put the offer out there to a lot of young guys, and Colin's the first one that really reached out and said, 'Hey, if you have a little bit of time for me, I'd love to work together.'"

Kaepernick will train at the EXOS facility in Phoenix and will work with Warner and quarterbacks coaches Dennis Gile and Mike Giovando until the beginning of the 49ers offseason program. Matt Maiocco reported that Steve Young and Trent Dilfer are likely to drop by during the course of his training.

"There were obviously quite a few quarterbacks coaches who reached out over the last few weeks," agent Jason Bernstein said. "This is a good mix between Colin getting individual work with Kurt and Dennis and being able to throw to top receivers and translate it to the field. It's a different approach, but I think it'll be a good mix."

Warner discussed plans for workouts. His desire is to introduce techniques to strengthen Kaepernick as a pocket passer and improve his ability to read a defense. Further, he stated his desire to teach him how to play the game with his mind, "as opposed to [his] arm and [his] legs."

Regardless of the reasons for his choice, Kaepernick obviously did not base it on fandom. Instead, he chose someone outside his style of play. Warner is smart and is a two-time league MVP. He is an excellent role model and could be a real positive influence to the young quarterback. It will likely force Kap outside his comfort zone and help him continue his development as a quarterback. Considering the other resources available to him at the facility, it appears Kap is doing what is best for him, not others.