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Jonathan Martin breaks up shoplifting attempt at Versace store

Isn't it nice to see some good off-field news once in a while?

Christian Petersen/Getty Images

The past season saw all sorts of bad news about the San Francisco 49ers off the field. Whether it players breaking the law, or the drama surrounding Jim Harbaugh, it was an exhausting year. While the coaching search remains in the forefront, there is one bit of random "good" news off the field. Jonathan Martin broke up a shoplifting attempt!

Martin spoke with Shutdown Corner Thursday night, and said it was a matter of no more than 30 seconds, and it happened so fast it was mostly just reaction. He did not really have time to think about the fact that the guy might have been armed. Apparently the guy grabbed three purses and was trying to run out of the store.

Naturally when he tweeted this out, a lot of morons decided it was time to make bully jokes and otherwise act like childish buffoons. I get that people are going to make these jokes, but it would be nice to actually recognize the guy for doing something good. Given all that has gone down with this team, and the NFL in general, good news like this is welcome.

Congrats to Jonathan for a job well done.