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Eric Mangini to interview for Washington defensive coordinator job

The San Francisco 49ers existing coaching staff continues to get interviews. Tight ends coach Eric Mangini will reportedly interview with Washington for their defensive coordinator position.

Matt Sullivan/Getty Images

San Francisco 49ers tight ends coach Eric Mangini is going to interview with Washington head coach Jay Gruden for the team's vacant defensive coordinator job, according to Dianna Marie Russini. Mangini joins 49ers secondary coach Ed Donatell among the group of coaches that have interviewed for the job.

Mangini coached tight ends this year, but his history is primarily as a defensive coach. Prior to joining the 49ers in 2013 as an offensive consultant, Mangini was head coach of Cleveland Browns (2009-2010) and New York Jets (2006-2008). Before that he was Bill Belichick's defensive coordinator in New England in 2005, and defensive backs coach from 2000 to 2004.

Mangini's time in San Francisco has been cryptic so some degree. It is not entirely shocking to bring a defensive mind in to help with the offense, but then to see him start coaching tight ends was a little odd. Vic Fangio reportedly would like Ed Donatell to be his defensive coordinator, if the former ends up as the 49ers head coach. There has been no mention of Mangini in such a role with the 49ers. If Fangio gets hired, it would make sense that Donatell would just move right up, but with the 49ers giving Donatell a chance to interview elsewhere, the whole situation is a little foggy.