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Super Bowl 50 odds: 49ers lumped in with Rams, Cardinals in NFC West

Time to break down some early Super Bowl 50 odds. The 49ers seem to be in a bit of a place-holder situation, which is not really a surprise.

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The 2014 season is not yet complete as the playoffs head into the divisional round this weekend. And yet, even with a lot of football left, there are already odds available for Super Bowl 50, next season at Levi's Stadium. The Las Vegas SuperBook posted their early odds for Super Bowl L, and the 49ers are installed at 25/1. Seattle is listed as the favorite at 5/1, with New England installed at 6/1, Green Bay at 7/1, and Denver at 8/1. The longshots include Jacksonville, Oakland and Tennessee all at 300/1.

Odds for next year's Super Bowl are are fun to consider, but we know some of them will change plenty. Just ask the 49ers. A year ago, the 49ers opened at 7/1 to win Super Bowl 49. Other strong odds were New Orleans at 15/1, the Falcons were 18/1, and the Bears at 25/1. The 49ers finished 8-8, the Saints finished 7-9, the Falcons finished 6-10, and the Bears finished 5-11. At the same time, Seattle, Denver, New England and Green Bay were listed among the top odds, and they have made their way to the top four seeds of the playoffs.

In looking over these odds, 25/1 strikes me as a bit of a place-holder given the teams grouped in there. The 49ers are a very tough team to project into next year. They are still looking for a new coach, and that will have a slightly significant impact on the team heading into 2015. Beyond that, there is of course plenty of roster turnover to consider. The 49ers will need to clear some cap space, and while they have specific players they can move to do that, we are still talking about roster turnover. There is a certain amount of unpredictability to that. And if you add in a coaching staff that does not include some combination of Vic Fangio, Ed Donatell and/or Jim Tomsula, it becomes even more unpredictable on the defensive side of the ball.

Seahawks: 5/1
Patriots: 6/1
Packers: 7/1
Broncos: 8/1
Cowboys: 12/1
Eagles: 16/1
Colts: 16/1
Lions: 25/1
Saints: 25/1
Rams: 25/1
49ers: 25/1
Cardinals: 25/1
Steelers: 25/1
Ravens: 25/1
Bengals: 25/1
Texans: 30/1
Chargers: 30/1
Chiefs: 30/1
Giants: 30/1
Panthers: 30/1
Falcons: 30/1
Dolphins: 30/1
Bears: 50/1
Vikings: 50/1
Bills: 50/1
Browns: 50/1
Redskins: 100/1
Jets: 100/1
Buccaneers: 200/1
Titans: 300/1
Jaguars: 300/1
Raiders: 300/1