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Throwback Thursday: We always will have this

Something tells us this won't be what happens Sunday, but we can dream

We have the Packers, at home. How can I not have this as our video?

So, in case you didn't know, there's a large base of 49ers fans who absolutely HATE the Packers. It stems from a country bumpkin who shall remain nameless being responsible for knocking the 49ers out of the playoffs for several years. Sure, there's a lot of bitterness about who the refs sided with in these games (go figure), but generally, Packers fans got a taste of why the Niners hated them so much when Colin Kaepernick unleashed his mutant powers on the Packers secondary.

In case you're just joining us or forgot, this game was Colin Kaepernick's coming out party. A gameplan where Terry Bradshaw of all people called it, the best quarterbacking he'd ever seen.

A lot has changed since then. I don't think I need to rehash Kap's performance on Sunday yet again. I do think Kaepernick has the tools, and I want to hope this is all setting up a massive underdog story where Kaepernick gets the glory, but I've learned: football is no fairy tale.

Now, for the record, I did have a video planned that had all of Kaepernick's carries, but the NFL DMCA biscuits put an end to that before I could post it. Surprise surprise.

Still, this game was just awesome...