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Pro Football Talk with randomly sort of positive Colin Kaepernick article

I was poking around Twitter when a Pro Football Talk article was brought to my attention. The article was titled "Kaepernick can be salvaged, and here's how to do it." Mike Florio acknowledged Colin Kaepernick is talented, but said "the 49ers need to use him in a way that maximizes those talents and minimizes his flaws." Florio then provided a short list of things that needed to be addressed.

1. Kap should not spend so much time worrying about becoming a pocket passer and throwing slower passes.
2. The offensive linemen need to do a better job.
3. Kap should be encouraged to run more.
4. He needs to never throw off his back foot.

This article left me a little confused. There are some critiques of Kap, but it generally comes across more on the positive side. He's a talented quarterback and his coaches need to do a better job of putting him in a position to succeed. That seems pretty reasonable to me.

And yet, I find myself wary of why he is putting this article out there. It seems more football skills-specific than I feel like we normally see from Florio. I don't know why that it is, but it leaves my spidey sense tingling for some reason. I suppose all I can say is this:

Its a trap