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49ers-Cardinals game set to sounds of Tecmo Bowl

Today's NFL with Retro Nintendo Sounds!! (Tecmo Super Bowl, 1991)

My video 'Today's NFL with Retro Nintendo Sounds!! (Tecmo Super Bowl, 1991)' is blowing up the internet! More videos to come!! Follow me: On Twitter: Facebook:

Posted by Bryce McBride on Monday, September 28, 2015

This is entirely random, but incredibly well done. Bryce McBride runs a Twitter account called @retroSFXsports (you can also track it on Facebook), and he is using it for some seriously important work! Bryce put together the video up above, which features highlights of the 49ers-Cardinals game this past week. It features various Tecmo Bowl sounds music set to the highlights. Even though the 49ers got blown out, the use of Tecmo Bowl is still pretty cool.