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Fantasy football start/sit advice, Week 5: 49ers-Giants to consider

The San Francisco 49ers face the New York Giants in Week 5. We break down the fantasy football options you should start and sit for this game.

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Welcome back for Week 5 of the 2015 NFL season. The San Francisco 49ers are in New Jersey to take on the New York Giants. The fantasy season is in full swing, and right now it is not a pretty picture for 49ers fantasy options. There are some spot start options, but even Carlos Hyde is not an ideal fantasy player. On the other side, the Giants have some intriguing options. A few are must-starts, while the rest are good for bye and injury fill-ins.


Start 'em: Nobody - The offense is struggling in a big way. I'd like to include Carlos Hyde, but with the offensive line performing so poorly, it's hard to justify him as a must-start fantasy option.

Maybe start 'em: RB Carlos Hyde, QB Colin Kaepernick, WR Anquan Boldin, WR Torrey Smith, K Phil Dawson, 49ers D/ST - For all of these players, there are reasons to consider them, but how strongly is on a bit of a spectrum. For example, Carlos Hyde is a guy you should probably start, but if you've got some other quality options, I don't think Hyde is a must-start until this offense proves otherwise. I'd generally start him, just not all the time ... The rest of the players are on the other end of the spectrum. If you're dealing with injury issues, and there are not many good quarterback options, Colin Kaepernick might be worth a start. He has a pretty solid track record in prime time, but he is in the worst rut of his career. It's hard to justify starting him, or any of the 49ers skill position players ... Anquan Boldin and Torrey Smith are even further down that spectrum. As long as Kap is struggling, there's just nothing there for them consistently ... As for the defense, it is a little higher on the spectrum. They put together a solid effort against Aaron Rodgers, and maybe they can build on it. Eli Manning is playing some solid football, but turnovers are always possible.

Sit 'em: I suppose most of the 49ers skill position players could be worth a sit 'em, but I'm rolling with just the slightest hint of optimism that they figure something out.


Start 'em: QB Eli Manning, WR Odell Beckham, Jr., Josh Brown - The San Francisco 49ers defense is coming off a strong performance against the Packers, but the Giants offense is picking up some steam. The Manning-OBJ connection is a must-start at this point. Manning has seven touchdowns over the last three games, with one interception and one fumble. He has not surpassed 300 yards passing in any games this season, but he has been an incredibly productive fantasy option the last three weeks.

Maybe start 'em: RB Rashad Jennings, WR Rueben Randle, TE Larry Donnell, Giants D/ST - These are spot start options at this point. I think Randle holds the most upside of the group, but the Giants defense could be intriguing if the 49ers offense continues to stumble.

Sit 'em: Nobody