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49ers vs. Giants: How to watch the game via live online stream

49ers-Giants is on NBC Sunday night, which means the game will be available via live stream. Here is some info on how to watch the game online.

The San Francisco 49ers travel to face the New York Giants tonight on Sunday Night Football. The game is nationally televised on NBC, so there is limited need for an online stream. Fortunately, if you are at a computer without access to a television, there will be an opportunity to watch the game via online stream. The folks at NBC provide all their Sunday Night Football games via live stream at

Although I am generally busy enough just watching the game and keeping things going on the site and on Twitter, the live stream is a nice little complement to the televised game. NBC provides a variety of angles, so if you want to watch some of that stuff, check it out.

Speaking of live stuff, the 49ers will stream post-game press conferences at I'll have a reminder after the game, but head over there as soon as the game ends to check out press conferences for Jim Tomsula, Colin Kaepernick and various players.