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49ers-Giants final score: Eli Manning rips our heart out

Damn it, that one stings. The San Francisco 49ers showed some improvement in Week 5, but they came up short, losing to the New York Giants by a final score of 30-27. As great as it was to see significant improvement from Colin Kaepernick and the 49ers offensive line, it is a brutally stinging loss. If the 49ers were going to turn this season around, they had to pull this out. Instead, they drop to 1-4 after a heart-breaking final drive.

The team does have something to build on, so that is a positive. We saw a much improved complete offensive look. They came up short early in the game, but eventually got things going. And yet, it all came up short. The 49ers defense was destroyed by Eli Manning, and it cost them late. Manning finished the game completing 41 of 54 passes for 441 yards, three touchdowns and an interception. Eli Manning made a great throw to Larry Donnell with 21 seconds left, and the Giants tight end made a spectacular catch.

This one really sucks. The 49ers offense was looking good, but this time around it was the defense that let the team down. The 49ers head home to host the Baltimore Ravens next week. We'll deal with that later, but for now we just have to drown our sorrows. Damn, that sucks.