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Jed York bio removes mention of Jim Harbaugh as part of 49ers success

Oh man, this is too much. I don't generally pay attention to the bio for Jed York, but Mike Rosenberg came across something pretty amusing. Apparently Jed York scrubbed his bio of a brief mention of Jim Harbaugh. You can see the change below. Previously York's bio mentioned Jim Harbaugh and Trent Baalke in discussing the recent run of success. Now, not so much.

The bio does provide him with some credit for the winning years. It mentions the NFC title games and Super Bowl, and then the next sentence starts with "His strong leadership was also instrumental in..." (emphasis mine). It's just stupid nonsense, but it's one more little thing that makes me laugh about the absurdity of this situation. I always felt like the Harbaugh-York/Baalke breakup revolved around petty BS egos. This just adds fuel to the idea that this involved grown-ups acting like five year olds. I suppose it could just be a coincidence, but I am not inclined to believe in coincidences.

Speaking of Harbaugh, the 49ers host the Baltimore Ravens and brother John next Sunday. That led to a fantastic tweet. Someone asked Tim Kawakami if Jim Harbaugh would be on the Ravens sideline decked out in purple and black. Kawakami said he thought it was too obvious a play, "but who knows." The fact that he could say "but who knows", and it not be completely crazy says everything we need to know about. I'm officially rooting for Jim Harbaugh to make an appearance at the game next week.