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Live stream for Jim Tomsula, press conference, 10/12

Welcome back for another Monday press conference after a loss! The San Francisco 49ers are back in Santa Clara following a tough loss to the New York Giants on Sunday Night Football. Head coach Jim Tomsula will chat with the media at 12:30 p.m.

The press conference should be streamed live by CSN Bay Area, and you can watch it above. You can also check it on We'll have a transcript later today. As always, we have the 49ers media Twitter list below if you can't watch the press conference.

Reggie Bush is hurt again, injuring his calf on Sunday. I imagine we'll get a few words on that. Some useful questions would focus on why the team rotated right guards and why Bruce Ellington did not get more work after two very successful snaps. I'm sure we'll also hear something about the poor performance by the defense, and what Colin Kaepernick and the offense might have done to lead to yesterday's improvement.