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NFL Draft order 2016: 49ers climb up to No. 7

The upside to another 49ers loss is improved draft position. Ugggh.

The San Francisco 49ers dropped a heart-breaking 30-27 loss to the New York Giants on Sunday Night Football, and now stand at 1-4. There is a lot of football left, but if you are not sufficiently inspired by the 49ers performances, there is always the draft watch!

With five games under their belt, the 49ers 1-4 record has them holding the No. 7 pick in the 2016 NFL Draft. The 0-5 Detroit Lions currently hold the worst record in the NFL. Behind them, six teams are tied at 1-4. The 49ers are tied with the Jacksonville Jaguars, Baltimore Ravens, New Orleans Saints, Houston Texans and Kansas City Chiefs.

The 49ers are at the back of the pack because of the strength of schedule tiebreaker. They have faced three first place teams in the Giants (3-2), Packers (5-0), Cardinals (4-1), and then the 2-2 Minnesota Vikings (bye week), and 2-2 Pittsburgh Steelers (MNF game). They still face some bad teams, but their remaining schedule is likely going to hurt them in the strength of schedule department. Of course, if they keep losing, that'll overcome those tiebreakers.