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Idiot fan runs on field during Giants offensive series

Fooch's update: There's a chance it could be a Giants fan in one of their red alternates.

I suppose I should not give idiots publicity, but whatever. This moron in an Aaron Lynch jersey decided Sunday night was the time to run on the field at MetLife Stadium. He chose....poorly. Security and the police quickly jumped on him, and he was dragged off the field, likely to spend the rest of the night in jail.

The highlight of this might have been his belief that he could fight his way out. We see him trying to pull away from the cops. One gets him in a headlock and eventually they lift him off the ground to remove him from the field. I would assume alcohol played a key role in this decision. Hopefully he has a significant headache while he sleeps it off in jail.

He puttin up a fight too #drunkfanontherun #nygiants #Sf49ers #SNF #sundaynightfootball

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