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Bruce Miller named PFF best fullback for Week 5 after season-high in snaps

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The San Francisco 49ers made some adjustments to their offense in Week 5, and that seems to have involved getting fullback Bruce Miller more involved in the game. Miller finished the game with 29 snaps, easily surpassing his previous season high of 14. The 49ers still used some 2- and 3-TE sets, but Miller got his biggest opportunity in 2015.

In getting the work, Miller showed why he has been an important cog in the 49ers offense in recent years. Pro Football Focus named him the best fullback in Week 5, grading him out positively, particularly in the run blocking side of things. Given the 49ers struggling offensive line, getting an extra sure-blocker on the field is kind of a big deal.

David Neumann will be breaking down Colin Kaepernick's performance later this week, but just from what I watched on Sunday, the most intriguing thing we saw was Kap getting a lot more work under center. It seemed to help him get in a better rhythm, and the offense as a whole was on a better track. Offensive coordinator Geep Chryst will meet with the media on Thursday, and will get plenty of questions about the changes we saw. I don't expect much in the way of answers, but maybe he will provide a little more insight into the situation.