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49ers open to trading Vernon Davis, according to Adam Schefter

This really is not surprising information, but it is still interesting to hear it actually verbalized. The video above appears to be from ESPN's NFL Insiders show (h/t to MountainBIke_Mike on Reddit for finding this). In it, Adam Schefter suggested San Francisco 49ers tight end Vernon Davis could be available to an interested team. He did not provide anything particularly specific, but had this to say:

Here's a name to keep in mind: Vernon Davis, the 49ers tight end. Again, a team that needs tight end help can inquire. The issue is price and production. The salary's high, production low. And that's usually why a player's available, because he's not producing for a team the way they would like.

The 49ers tight end position has been a bit of a dumpster fire this season. Vernon Davis injured his knee, and Vance McDonald has been ineffective. Garrett Celek has emerged effectively as the No. 1 tight end. He has not exactly wow'd, but he has been a decent option for the team.

Davis hits free agency after this season, and at this point I see no chance he returns to the 49ers for 2016. Back in early August, Trent Baalke addressed his contract status. He said there had been some discussions with Davis, but would not go into specifics. At the time, I said, "It is hard to really figure out Vernon Davis's future at this point." That comment was based entirely on not knowing if injuries were the issue last year, and if he could bounce back from that. Well, he's injured again, and not doing much of anything, so that's that.

The NFL trade deadline is the Tuesday after Week 8. Several teams have dealt with tight end injuries, so it would seem there is definitely a need around the league. But could the 49ers get anything for Vernon Davis at this point? I mean, even a conditional 2017 pick? I don't see how they could get anything, but maybe they can sucker somebody into doing a deal for him.