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Seahawks waive B.J. Daniels

Throwing a bone to an old fan favorite.

The Seattle Seahawks waived a one-time 49ers fan favorite on Tuesday. Wide receiver (and one-time quarterback) B.J. Daniels hits the waiver wire today as the Seahawks needed to sign a new cornerback. The Seahawks waived Daniels and running back Rod Smith, and is expected to sign cornerback Crezdon Butler.

Field Gulls thinks Daniels is likely to end up with the team again at some point if he is not signed elsewhere. I am sure a few 49ers fans would still like to see him brought back in the fold, but that seems unlikely. He has been making the switch to wide receiver. The 49ers signed receiver Andrew Turzilli to their practice squad on Tuesday, and have DiAndre Campbell on their practice squad as well.

I mostly bring this up just because his name randomly pops up in conversation every so often. I think most folks have moved on, but there's a soft spot for Daniels with some fans.