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49ers-Ravens TV schedule: Broadcast maps in the US, international

We take a look at where the 49ers-Ravens game will be broadcast on television in the United States, Mexico, the UK, and several other spots around the globe. Let us know where else you might be watching the game around the world.

The San Francisco 49ers are back home this weekend, looking to snap their four-game losing streak. They face another struggling team as the Baltimore Ravens are dealing with their own issues. The game kicks off at 1:25, and is going to be a fairly localized broadcast. Neither team is playing well, and Chargers-Packers is going to get more of the national coverage.

The folks at are back with their weekly broadcast maps. Their maps cover the entire United States, and accurately portray who can watch each NFL game. This week, the game is primarily in the 49ers and Ravens main broadcast areas. It extends up into Washington on the 49ers side, and over into Ohio on the Ravens side. You can view the map at the link above, but in the meantime, I'll list out notable media regions that should have the game on CBS:

1. Northern California - Fresno north
2. Oregon - exception includes eastern portion
3. Washington - The southern portion near Portland, Oregon
4. Nevada - Reno market
5. Maryland
6. Virginia - Northern VA, Norfolk, Roanoke
7. Washington, DC
8. West Virginia
9. Pennsylvania - Not in Philly, slim part of northern PA
10. Ohio - all but small part near Fort Wayne, Ind
11. Alaska
12. Hawaii

And per usual, we have the international viewing options as well. As always, if you have a suggestion we did not include, let me know in the comments.

Canada: TBD (A Rouge Point).

United Kingdom: Just NFL Game Pass (per NFL UK).

Armed Forces Network-Europe: No broadcast

Far East: Our friends at All Sports Network TV will broadcast the game live on Monday morning, 4:25 a.m. Hong Kong time. It will re-air Monday evening at 6:00 p.m. Hong Kong time. The broadcast will appear throughout Southeast Asia. Check out their map if you live out there.

Australia: 7Mate at 7:25 a.m. Sydney time