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Nick Moody, Shareece Wright both looking forward to facing the 49ers

The San Francisco 49ers next two opponents added 49ers players the team recently cut loose. Naturally both are excited about their matchups.

The San Francisco 49ers get to face a pair of former teammates in the next eight days. This weekend, the 49ers will face cornerback Shareece Wright, who signed with the Baltimore Ravens on Monday. The following week, the 49ers will potentially face Nick Moody, who the Seattle Seahawks promoted to the 53-man roster on Wednesday. The 49ers and Seahawks square off on Thursday Night Football.

The Ravens had player availability on Wednesday, and Wright had plenty to say about his decision to join the Ravens, and his departure from the 49ers. The schedule did impact his decision, but was not the only reason. He also said he was told a variety of things by 49ers coaches as to why he was not playing. He thought they might be going into a rebuilding period, thus going with the younger guys. Here are a few of the tweets from Wright.

The Seahawks also had player media sessions on Wednesday. Naturally, Moody is looking forward to potentially playing the 49ers next week. It will of course depend on if he is still on the Seahawks 53-man roster next week.

It's not exactly a shocking revelation, but it's always interesting to hear from former players leading up to a game. Pete Carroll said Moody would be a reserve linebacker and special teams player. Bobby Wagner injured his pectoral muscle this past weekend. If he is fine this coming weekend, it is entirely possible Moody gets waived on Monday, and potentially returns to their practice squad.