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Throwback Thursday: Farewell, Steve Spurrier, enjoy your retirement

Sadly, there isn't much in the realm of 49ers/Ravens highlights I could dig up. That is, unless you want to go back a couple years to that game. But something else this week is more than relevant to 49ers history and that's the retirement of Steve Spurrier. Now yes, he wasn't exactly that magnificent of an NFL player, and even more lackluster as an NFL head coach, but hey! Check out these highlights on how to win! This is from a longer video, but this section is all 49ers, and that's what matters!

During most of his tenure, Spurrier played punter and backup to Niners starter, John Brodie. He played all but one of his seasons in San Francisco, having his best game in 1973 against the Minnesota Vikings. In that game, he went 31 for 48 (64% completion percentage), and 320 yards.That game was the highlight of what would be an unremarkable career. Spurrier finished his time in the NFL with 40 career touchdowns against 60 interceptions.

The biggest thing about Spurrier is, in an era of shady coaching practices and trying to push the envelope, he never would descend to slimy depths. Sure, he said whatever was on his mind which garnered some media attention, and he had his moments, but he was such a likable guy for the most part. Well, OK, there was the incident where he chucked a headset and knocked out an official due to an intentional grounding call, but for the most part, I dug the guy.

Enjoy your retirement, coach. You earned it!