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Ahmad Brooks returns to practice following sister's passing

The 49ers outside linebacker returns to the field after a terrible family tragedy.

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

The 49ers concluded their Thursday practice and got a big name back.   Ahmad Brooks was seen on the field.  The 49ers outside linebacker was currently taking a leave of absence following the death of his sister last week.

Jim Tomsula mentioned in his press conference that the funeral services for Brooks' sister were taking place but didn't give any indication of when he would return and given the circumstances, the team was prepared for a lengthy leave. Losing any family member is awful, but losing a sibling at a young age to a disease like lupus can really put you out of commission.While he returned sooner, rather than later, hats off to the coaching staff for giving him the time he needed to grieve.

With Brooks on the field, that seems to be a good indication he'll be on the field Sunday, though for how many snaps is yet to be determined.This could be a huge boost for the 49ers pass rush which, while able to hurry Eli Manning last Sunday,  failed to walk away with any sacks.

In any case, welcome back Brooks!