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Breaking down Geep Chryst comparing Carlos Hyde's injury to Jonathan Stewart

The San Francisco 49ers have a banged up Carlos Hyde, with Geep Chryst comparing his foot injury to that of Jonathan Stewart. We spoke with a Panthers blogger to find out what it meant.

San Francisco 49ers offensive coordinator Geep Chryst chatted with the media on Thursday, and he got a question about Carlos Hyde's injury status. The 49ers running back sat out Wednesday practice. He ended up practicing on Thursday ins limited fashion. Chryst compared Hyde's injury to a foot injury Jonathan Stewart dealt with coming out of Oregon. Here is what Chryst said

How serious do you think RB Carlos Hyde's foot injury is?

"You know, I was with [Carolina Panthers RB] Jonathan Stewart from Oregon at Carolina and I think that's probably the closest similarity that I have in the sense that Carlos runs hard as a back, you know. That first collision he had with [New York Giants LB] Jon Beason on the first drive, you can see how physical he is. So, as the course of the season goes on, you want to make sure that they're as fresh as possible on game day."

Do you think he's at risk of not playing Sunday?

"I can't say that one way or the other. Like I said, I can only go back to a point of reference that I had and Jonathan Stewart did a great job the years that I was with him with the Carolina Panthers where he didn't do a whole lot during the week and then played great on Sunday's. So, I would expect the same out of Carlos. That's what Carlos wants to do."

I looked back and could not find out much about Stewart's foot problems, so I emailed James Dator from Cat Scratch Reader, our Carolina Panthers blog. Here's what he had to say about Stewart:

Stewart carried foot injuries from his final year at Oregon. Every year he'd miss most of camp with foot injuries, then play the season and be totally fine. Finally in 2010 he decided to have off-season surgery to get it corrected once and for all. He's been fine since. Basically if it's the same injury then Hyde can play with pain and get injections but he'll likely need off-season surgery.

It remains to be seen how similar Hyde's injury is to Stewart, but this is potentially a little bit of context for his foot injury. My guess is we see him get some rest throughout the season during the week, and then playing on Sundays.