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Vernon Davis trade rumors: Teams interested, 49ers say not available, according to report

Earlier this week, Adam Schefter reported the San Francisco 49ers were open to trading Vernon Davis. This was not exactly a shocking revelation. He is getting older, he is dealing with injuries, and he is a free agent after this season. I mean if they could get even Jamba Juice coupons for him, it might be a good deal.

Later in the week, Bleacher Report's Jason Cole had a report on the issue. I take him with a bigger grain of salt than a lot of national folks, but it is always interesting to hear more rumors. You can watch the video here if you so inclined, but basically, the gist is that teams are interested but the 49ers are not looking to deal right now. Cole said it was possible they might change their mind, but for now they are not looking to deal Davis.

First off, my guess is this is just the 49ers trying to do what they can to push up Davis's trade value. If the comments are true, the 49ers probably also want to get Davis back on the field to boost his trade value even just a little bit. I would be happy if they could even get a seventh for him at this point. It's quite the fall from grace for Vernon, but that's life I suppose.