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Video of Colin Kaepernick connecting with Torrey Smith to burn Shareece Wright

The San Francisco 49ers offense appears to be doing a nice job building on their Week 5 performance against the New York Giants. Colin Kaepernick connected with Torrey Smith on a huge 76-yard touchdown reception. They ran play-action and perfectly set it up with the power run game this week and last week.

The highlight of the play, well other than the touchdown, has to be that it came against cornerback Shareece Wright. The 49ers released Wright last week after he expressed displeasure about being benched. He complained on Twitter that it was politics, as the 49ers went younger at the position. Whatever the reason, he was released and signed with the Baltimore Ravens the same week they were facing the 49ers. It is kind of fitting then that he was thoroughly roasted by Smith.

The 49ers have to take more shots deep like that because Smith brings game-breaking speed they have lacked for a long time. Carlos Hyde is showing a lot in the ground game, and it is opening the door for more play action opportunities. Hopefully we see more of it.